Hello, my name is Simone Bruni, I’m Italian and I live in Milan. My fields of interest are architecture and 3D visualization. During my academic years I have focused my studies on architecture and building construction. Recently I have been focusing also arch visualization and 3D modeling in order to have all around experience. For the past few years I have also worked as a 3D visualization freelancer and for different studios. In 2016, I obtained the M. Architecture in Building Construction to the Faculty of Civil Architecture of Milan, “Politecnico” with 110/110. Recently I achieved the Italian Licence to practice Architecture.

Iheld a bachelor degree in Building Architecture at the University of Rome “La sapienza”. Once I obtained that qualification, I attended  a master programme in Virtual Architecture at the Quasar University of Rome. That experience sparkled in me a strong passion for 3D graphic applied to architecture. Today, I am enrolled to the master programme at the Faculty of Civil Architecture of Milan. Furthermore, I have a deep passion about technology and building construction, I have a proficient knowledge of IT. The master programme of Virtual Architecture was an amazing experience because I got to meet a whole new world: the web design and communication. During that time I learned how to manage wordpress. By putting together all my experiences so far, I created this website and I have the pleasure to share my knowledge and my most relevant works with you.