Infinity Wave is an interpretation of the role of the contemporary park in the metropolis. Once EXPO 2015 in Milan has finished, the area surrounded by heavy infrastructure has to reestablish a functional relationship with the neighborhoods. The park acts as connective tissue in an organism: placed in the middle of the site, it extends to cover its whole length. Two main axes serve as its backbone structure. The buildings at its border create a protected environment inside.
Inspired by Jane Jacobs’ advice on successful integration of parks in cities, we introduced a new urban element – the waves – to create a lively and animated environment throughout the park, at the borderline with the street interaction. The waves lift some of the park’s edges to house underneath it small restaurants, bars, shops and other functions without losing any green area. The waves intentionally descend to street level at many points in order to keep the visual and physical connection between the three main entities: park, street and the surrounding ring of buildings.
This ring comprises an inner part (residential) facing the park, and an outer one (offices and technological park) facing the surrounding infrastructure. We introduced cuts in its blocks so that the space felt united but at the same time protected from the noise and pollution outside of the ring. The varying height of the buildings corresponds to sun studies throughout the year.
Infinity Wave competition

Infinity Wave competition

 BRUNI Simone, OBINO Serena, SLAVOVA Violetka, DI STEFANO GRIMALDI Alessandra
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