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Infinity Wave is an interpretation of the role of the contemporary park in the metropolis. Once EXPO 2015 in Milan has finished, the area surrounded by heavy infrastructure has to reestablish a functional relationship with the neighborhoods. The park acts as connective tissue in an organism: placed in the middle of the site, it extends to cover its whole length. Two main axes serve as its backbone […]Continue Reading


Design project of a skyscraper sited in Milano.  Continue Reading


Architectural project of a pedestrian bridge sited in Milano. The main structure is composed by an alternate cadence  between an arch-suspended and catenary supporting system. The arch and catenary works together to supprt the deck as a suspension bridge. The arch represents structurally an “arch tied bridges” where the orizontal component of forces are eliminated. […]Continue Reading


The aim of the thesis was to conduct an experimental research about the topic of the pneumatic structures used in architecture, such as envelopes or covers. Starting from the famous works of Frei Otto and Thomas Herzog, I developed a research depart initially from analysis of the laws of mechanical problems related to building science and […]Continue Reading


The second step of the competition was to develope and to build the full scale model house. The model was presentend at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, the Maxxi. The exibition took place from 29-06 to 29-08 2012. It presented different kinds of built dwelling. Every house has shown it’s typical features in order to […]Continue Reading


During my work experience at RicciSpaini & Associates, I carried out the technology aspects related to the design of a pneumatic structure covering. The project is located in a generic area. Outline was to develop a dwelling model which could be repeatable in different kind of landscape. We chose to develop a rectangular unit construction […]Continue Reading