My field of interest is focused in producing of still realistic images. I have several years of experience in 3D modeling and Visualization with a great render productions. My services are designed to studios, architects and individuals who are interested in professional collaboration. I work creating a close cooperation with my clients in order to satisfy your requirements and to do my best to fulfill them.

For the modeling is important to define different levels of objects polygonalization of the scene: High, Medium and Low polygons. They allow to produce detailed images. I  always take care of the details that allow you to create an engaging and attractive scene. 
In order to produce a realistic image you need to develop a significant setup of the light. It must be in accord with the physical behaviour of the light. This is the starting point to get a realistic view in any 3D scene you are working on. 
Shading and Texturing
The creation of materials is one of the main point to get a realistic scene. The setting up of a material may require a lot of time. You have to define textures in Photoshop to get an high resolution “map”, furthermore you have to study the phisical behaviour of the material and transmute it according to the settings required by the V-Ray engine 
Final Render and Post-Production
After the final render image is done, you can adjust your work by editing it with Photoshop. This step is essential to give to the final image the correct balance and armony to get an attractive composition.